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“The worlds first full menu self service automated bar with advanced patent pending intoxication detection technology for any event and any venue”

This machine has groundbreaking technology

Protected by Patent Pending No.GB 2315536.9, Gangobar is the world’s first self-service automated bar featuring advanced AI & ML Intoxication Detection technology. Complying with licensing laws, it ensures customer safety. Equipped with Home Office approved Age Estimation Technology, Gangobar autonomously serves with minimal human intervention.

GANGOBAR a compliment to human bars

Pouring up to 220 drinks per hour, from refreshing lagers to perfectly mixed spirits, our machine is a marvel of efficiency. Handling everything from payments to ID and intoxication checks, Gangobar revolutionises event experiences. Our goal? To elevate efficiency and speed, slashing queues with our seamless end-to-end solution, delivering mobility where it’s needed most.


We are manufacturers of self-service automated bars designed to improve the event experience across all events

Gangobar, experience unparalleled flexibility at your fingertips.

Gain unprecedented control with our web application, enabling you to manage the machine from anywhere globally. Enjoy real-time access to your entire fleet, empowering you to accept orders remotely from any corner of the world. With Gangobar, experience unparalleled flexibility at your fingertips.

GANGOBAR Dashboard Control Panel

Examine real-time sales performance through a specialized dashboard, easily accessible from any internet-connected device. If there is more than one machine on your profile they will all appear here.

Autonomous Machines for the True Self-Service experience

Experience a revolutionary world-first feature that enables intelligent control of intoxicated customers serving themselves on the machine. Alongside this breakthrough, we have also implemented an innovative solution to verify the age of users, ensuring only appropriate individuals can access the machine. For more details on these cutting-edge advancements, please get in touch with us.

Protected by patent pending GB 2315536.9 Supported by InnovateUK Edge

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